DNI Definitions

This Carrd page is dedicated towards defining terms used on DNI pages/banners, and why they're placed on them. You are free to use these definitions and/or link this Carrd and its pages to others.Pages include content warnings when needed.Want something to be added or just want to ask a question? You can contact me on the official Tumblr through the button below.

What's a DNI?

A DNI (Short for "Do Not Interact") is usually a list containing kinds of people the person who created the list doesn't want interacting with them or their blog(s).DNI lists exist for multiple reasons, including (but not limited to):- It may include groups who are disrespectful (or even violent) to the person who has the DNI.
An asexual person having a-spec exclusionists on their DNI.
A transgender woman having TERFS on her DNI.
A non-dysphoric transgender person having Truscum on their DNI.
- Some blogs may have subject matter that makes the person who created the list uncomfortable, or they may find the topics triggering.
Someone who is recovering from an eating disorder having pro-ana blogs on their DNI.
A SFW age regressor who regresses due to trauma having traumacore blogs on their DNI.
A CSA survivor having MAPs or Proshippers on their DNI.
- The person who created the list may want to keep their blog a safe space for them and/or their followers and some groups may invade that space.
A non-sexual age regressor having DDLG/CGL blogs on their DNI.
A MOGAI blog having people who are Anti-MOGAI on its DNI.
A plural positivity blog having sysmeds on its DNI.
The most commonly seen forms of DNIs are seen as pages and banners. Pages are dedicated sections of someone's blog/page which details people who they don't want interaction from. Banners serve the same purpose, commonly being placed on posts.


Content Warnings:
Transphobia, Misgendering, Exorsexism
Truscum are people who believe that dysphoria is required to be transgender, while Transmeds believe that you are only a valid transgender person if you go through medical transitioning. Trumed is a mashup of the two terms.Both parties have been shown to harass trans people who experience no or very little dysphoria, calling them “Transtrenders” and claiming that they’re only identifying as trans for attention, or that they're just confused about their identity. They also claim that these people are the ones making the transgender community look bad to outsiders.Some of these people also don't believe in Nonbinary and/or MOGAI genders, calling themselves Nonbinary/Enby Skeptic and/or Gender Critical.Not To Be Confused With:Tucutes, Transcompassionists
People who believe that dysphoria is not required to be transgender.
Self Proclaimed Transtrenders
People who have reclaimed the Transtrender label for themselves,
usually in an act of rebellion against Trumeds.


Content Warnings:
Transphobia, Misgendering, Anti-Sex Worker Rhetoric, Homophobia
TERFs are Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists. They’re infamous in LGBT+ spaces for being very discriminatory towards trans women, as they believe they’re not real women.
Some TERFs also believe that transgender men aren't real men,
sometimes referring to them as "Lost sisters".
SWERFs are Sex Worker Exclusionary Radical Feminists. They harass sex workers in the name of feminism, claiming that sex workers are the reason feminism is "Not taken seriously".TEHMs are Trans Exclusionary Homosexual Males. They are cis men who harass trans men, claiming that they are "Invading" gay spaces and "Deceiving" gay men into getting into relationships and/or sleeping with them.
They commonly misgender trans men, and harass them if they use the word "Gay" to describe themselves.


Content Warnings:
Aphobia, Anti-MOGAI/M-Spec Rhetoric
Exclusionist is an umbrella term for people who exclude others from the LGBT+ community. There are multiple kinds of exclusionists, including but not limited to:- A-Spec Exclusionists, who believe that identities such as asexuality and aromanticism do not belong in the LGBT+ community. This is usually what someone means when they have Exclusionists in their DNI.[Link] Posts detailing/showing how a-spec people have been harrassed, abused, assaulted, and even killed for being a-spec.- Pan/Omni Exclusionists, who believe that orientations such as pan- and omni- are unnecessary and the same as bi-. Some of these exclusionists claim that these orientations are transphobic, due to the fact that some people have used the phrase "Hearts over parts" to explain and/or refer to them.- Bi Exclusionists, who fall into two categories. This can either mean someone does not agree with/doesn't believe that bisexuality exists, or they gatekeep who is and isn't bisexual.- M-Spec Exclusionists, who tend to be against orientations such as Pansexuality, Omnisexuality and Polysexuality, claiming that these orientations are "the same" as Bisexual.
This term is also sometimes used for those who are against M-Spec lesbians (usually referring to Bi Lesbians specifically) or gays.
- MOGAI Exclusionists, who believe that MOGAI (which stands for "Marginalized Orientations, Genders And Intersex", and was coined as a more inclusive alternative to LGBT+) identities are making the LGBT+ community "look bad", and/or that they're unnecessary or cringy. These people are usually referred to as Anti-MOGAI instead of Exclusionists.A fairly new term called REG (meaning "Reactionary Exclusionary Gatekeeper") is used to refer to all of these kinds of exclusionists, as well as people such as Trumeds and TERFs.


Content Warnings:
Sexual Activity, Kinks, Pedophilia
DDLG/CGL are sexual kinks (that are a part of BDSM culture) that involve the act of acting like a parent and child for sexual roleplay and pleasure.DDLG stands for "Daddy Dom [and] Little Girl", in which the dominant person in the relationship acts as a parental figure/guardian to the submissive person, who acts like a child.
There are multiple different variations of this term, including MDLB (Mommy Dom [and] Little Boy), DDLB (Daddy Dom [and] Little Boy) and MDLG (Mommy Dom [and] Little Girl).
CGL stands for "Caregiver [and] Little", it's commonly used as a gender-neutral term for DDLG and its variations.
There is a sub-section of CGL called CGL(RE) (standing for "Caregiver [and] Little Regression"), which claims to be a non-sexual form of age regression. Multiple people are skeptical of this, as multiple CGL(RE) communities and blogs cross-tag with the regular DDLG/CGL tags.
These terms are very common on DNI lists, as most believe it is sexualization of minors, even if there are no real minors involved in the activity itself. These communities have also stolen terminology from other groups, with one of the most common examples being that they have stolen the term "Headspace" (Sometimes dubbed a "Littlespace", referring to when a "Little" acts like a child) from the system community.These groups have also been documented to be incredibly disrespectful and violent, they've been shown to actively break other's DNIs, harass those who have them on their DNIs, attempt to deliberately trigger those who have trauma related to pedophilia, and interact with minors.
When asked to remove posts from their blogs, some have been incredibly rude.
Not To Be Confused With:Non-kink Age Regressors
People who age regress due to reasons such as trauma and illness. These people do not gain any sexual pleasure out of age regression.
System Littles, Syskids
Child member of a system. They are not people who roleplay as children, they are children.
If you come across an adult who is trying to form/is in a relationship with a minor, and/or has content such as child pornography on their blog, REPORT THEM TO THE AUTHORITIES AT https://report.cybertip.org


Content Warnings:
MAP stands for Minor Attracted Person, and NOMAP stands for Non-Offending Minor Attracted Person. Someone who is "Non-Offending" does not go out of their way to consume child pornography, or try to form romantic/sexual relationships with minors.
Both of these terms are used as a way of saying the person who uses them is a pedophile.
Some pedophiles use these terms to try and claim that their attraction is "valid", even claiming that it's an LGBT+ identity.
These people usually go out of their way to interact with minors, and it should be obvious that they are incredibly dangerous and creepy. They're incredibly common on DNI lists for this very reason.If you come across an adult who is trying to form/is in a relationship with a minor, and/or has content such as child pornography on their blog, REPORT THEM TO THE AUTHORITIES AT https://report.cybertip.org


Content Warnings:
Criminal Apologism, Pedophilia, Large Age Gaps
TCC is a shortened version of either:- True Crime Community, a community dedicated to talking about criminals and the crimes they committed.
Most of the people in this community simply have an interest in the topic, but there is a part of the community with people who glorify these criminals (who have usually committed crimes such as murder, cannibalism, rape, and school shootings) and obsess/romanticize them and what they did. The latter side of this community is usually what people refer to when this community is on their DNI.
- Teacher Crush Community, a community of usually students talking about the crushes they have on their teachers/professors. Most of these students are minors in high school and talking about their teachers, who are adults.
While it's the less common type of community to be put on DNI lists, it is usually put on due to the fact that some parts of this community glorify and romanticize large age gaps and even pedophilic relationships. Some parts also reveal personal information about them and their teachers, which is incredibbly dangerous for not only them but their teacher as well.


Content Warnings:
Incest, Pedophilia, Abusive Relationships
Anti-Antis (Also referred to as Proshippers) are people who believe that they can ship incestuous/pedophilic/abusive relationships, because it's "just fiction".
These people commonly use the excuse that their ships are "just fiction" to glorify and push away the fact that their ships are commonly incestuous, pedophilic, and/or abusive.
They tend to ship adoptive/fostered family members together since "they're not blood related", or a minor with an alien/incredibly old/immortal being (such as someone of another species which lives longer than humans/has a different perception of age as humans, or some kind of god/divine entity/alien with no known or confirmed age).The reason they're called Anti-Antis is due to the fact that they call people who disagree with their ship tastes "Antis", meaning that they are against or "anti" their ships.[Link] Resources proving that fiction can, and does, effect reality.


Content Warnings:
Eating Disorders
Pro-Ana/Ed blogs are blogs that glorify eating disorders, commonly anorexia. People who run these blogs will commonly list their current weight (labelled as CW) and goal weight (labelled as GW), and posts usually contain insulting and offensive remarks about the person reading them's weight in an attempt to get them to lose more. These posts occassionally try to trigger an anorexic person (or anyone with an eating disorder) to relapse to try and "be pretty".Thinspo blogs are of a similar nature, but they're usually not as aggressive. They tend to still be made with the goal of the person running them to lose weight, but usually by healthier methods such as working out and having a proper diet.Both of these blogs can trigger someone suffering/recovering from an eating disorder to relapse, and Pro-Ana/Ed blogs tend to reblog some posts in an attempt to make it about trying to lose weight, so they are usually placed on DNIs so the person who has it can't be triggered, or they simply just don't want their posts to be spun in a weight-loss way.Not To Be Confused With:ED Recovery Blogs
Ran by people recovering from eating disorders, and do not encourage relapsing.


"Anyone Can Interact" blogs are blogs that allow interaction from anyone. They are usually very open about being a blog that allows interaction from anyone, sometimes even having banners similar to DNI banners which state that they allow all interaction.They tend to not state their stances on things, claiming that their blogs are "safe spaces" for everyone. Some believe that their blogs are actually more dangerous this way, as people can find others to harass through things such as reblogs. (Such as an A-Spec Exclusionist finding an aromantic person to harass in the notes of a post made by one of these blogs)Some of these blogs also reblog posts by other blogs with specific DNI banners, making it so that anyone who follows their blog can easily break other people's DNIs.


Content Warnings:
Fakeclaiming, Anti-System Rhetoric
Sysmeds (Short for "System Medicalists") are people who are Anti-Endogenic systems. Endogenic systems are systems that were created/formed and/or have elements to them that don't resemble traumagenic systems, which are systems that formed through trauma and are the most recognized as DID/OSDD.Sysmeds can be very aggressive towards endogenic systems and/or their supporters, usually resorting to harassment and claiming that endogenic systems are fake. They claim that endogenic systems are either some other form of mental illness, or that they're traumagenic and "Just don't realize it yet".[Link] Posts proving that endogenic (and other kinds) of systems do exist, and have been around for longer that sysmeds would like to claim.This is a fairly new term for a kind of gatekeeper that isn't very well known outside of the plural community, which is why most people aren't familiar with it.


Content Warnings:
Trauma, Child Abuse
Traumacore is a subculture/aesthetic which usually includes childish aesthetics/imagery (plushes, cartoons, mascots, toys, etc.) with text/imagery that implies things such as child abuse/trauma. These blogs are usually created for the purpose of venting.Some people believe that traumacore is glorifying trauma and/or making an aesthetic out of it, which makes them uncomfortable. Some people also do not want their posts on these blogs, as some of them also reblog/post content such as kidcore/babycore/nostalgiacore, or content make for non-kink age regressors.


Cringe/Flop blogs are blogs made with the purpose of making fun of things the mod(s) find "cringy", usually making fun of people who use MOGAI/obscure identities or are in subcultures such as the scenecore community.These blogs usually actively encourage harassment of the people they post about, leaving information such as usernames and names uncensored. When asked to remove posts or why they do this in the first place, they tend to respond with aggression, questions ("Why do you identify as [X]?") and attempt to embarass/"shame" the person asking, usually by publicly posting private conversations.


Content Warnings:
Discussions of fakeclaiming
People who are anti-self diagnosis believe that a person cannot be qualified to diagnose themselves with something, usually referring to a mental illness/condition or disability.
Self diagnosis is usually done when someone is unable to access a therapist or doctor.
These people tend to claim that self-diagnosed people are "unqualified" to diagnose themselves, and that people who self diagnose are "faking" their conditions due to things such as a placebo effect.
These claims usually come from the fact that people who self diagnose themselves with something tend to be a lot more open about it, when it's very common for someone who has been diagnosed with something they didn't know they had to be much more aware of its effects once they have been diagnoed.
Note: Self diagnosis is a controvertial topic in a lot of communities, but can be very effective and helpful if done properly. Proper self diagnosis usually includes thorough research into the conditions the person thinks they may have, as well as things such as acknowledgement that what they are experiencing may be side-effects of something they are already diagnosed with. Self diagnostic experiences vary between person to person.


Problematic media is a catch-all term for media which either includes problematic content, or has problematic people involved in its production.
This is a masterpost for the most common kinds of problematic media listed.
Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss
- Hazbin Hotel is a webseries revolving around the princess of Hell trying to solve overpopulation by trying to redeem some of Hell's worst residents.
- Helluva Boss is a webseries spinoff set in the same world as Hazbin Hotel, but revolves around assassins-for-hire trying to keep their business alive.
It's claimed to be problematic due to the fact that its creator Vivziepop has done a lot of problematic things, ranging from possibly underpaying animators, creating characters who are canonically pedophiles, supporting right-wing content creators, hiring a pedophile to work on Hazbin Hotel, and more. The shows themselves also include jokes and characters some would deem problematic, with the excuse that it's okay because the shows are set in a fictional version of Hell.Attack on Titan
A manga/anime series about a town who has to defend themselves from gigantic monsters surrounding them.
Some points that are used are that characters are modelled after people such as war criminals (The character Dot Pixis is modelled after Akiyama Yoshifuru), some content in the manga can be seen as antisemetic, and that the creator has been very vocal about being anti-Korea.Sanders Sides
A YouTube webseries created by Thomas Sanders, revolving around aspects of his personality discussing personal and existential issues.
It is mostly deemed problematic by some people in the plural community, claiming that it is making fun of and/or appropriating systems and their experiences. It is also deemed problematic due to accusations of Thomas Sanders being Aphobic and a pedophile, but the validity of these claims are unknown.Homestuck
A webcomic about a group of kids who have to save the world by playing a video game.
[Link] A large Google Doc listing problematic instances throughout the series.
Topics include ableism, racism, rape, lesbophobia, pedophilia, and incest.
An adult erotic visual novel about living with catgirls, who in this universe are very similar to humans, but are usually kept as pets.
[Link] It has multiple instances of pedophilia, slavery, and incest.Harry Potter
A book series about a boy named Harry Potter who discovers he's a wizard, and is sent to Hogwarts School of Wizardry.
[Link] Twitter thread showing multiple instances of racism in Harry Potter's characters.The author of the Harry Potter series, JK Rowling, has the pen name "Robert Galbraith", which is the same name as a man who practiced gay conversion therapy in the 1950s.
(Source in link above)
[Link] She is also infamously a TERF, and has stated her stance of disliking transgender women multiple times in the past.


Tradfems or Tradwives is a community that romanticizes a "Traditional" 1950s/1960s lifestyle, usually revolving around being a housewife who takes care of their house and children, while their husband works to provide for the family.While some people in this community genuinely just want to be a housewife, a lot of members tend to hold very conservative and right-wing views, especially when relating to women's rights, minorities (such as people of colour and/or LGBTQ+ people), and gender roles. The "Traditional" lifestyle is also subject to criticism, as it has roots in racism/white nationalism.Tradfem communities tend to overlap with communities such as the Cottagecore, Farmcore, and Lovecore communities. Multiple Tradfem blogs post in these tags, with some revolving around posting all of their posts in these tags, even if they don't fit with these aesthetic communities.[Link] Wikipedia article about Tradwives.

Problematic Ships

This page is dedicated to listing problematic ships (and the reason why they're problematic), separated by media/fandom.Want me to add a ship/piece of media to the list? Send an ask to the official Tumblr.

Problematic Kagerou Project Ships

IncestuousAnyone in the Tateyama family with each other
The Tateyama family includes these characters:
- Ayano Tateyama
- Kido Tsubomi
- Kano Shuuya
- Seto Kousuke
All of these characters are adoptive siblings, and refer to each other as siblings multiple times throughout canon.The character Marry Kozakura is also adopted into the Tateyama family in some Kagerou Project media, so some would also consider ships involving her with the Tateyama family to be incestuous (and also possibly pedophilic, as Marry is 140 years old).Examples of these ships are KanoKido, SetoKano and KanoAyaMomo Kisaragi x Shintaro Kisaragi
Momo and Shintaro are brother and sister, related by blood.
AbusiveAnyone with Saeru/Snake of Clearing Eyes/Kuroha
Saeru is the main villain of the series, and is shown killing the main cast over and over in a timeloop. It's heavily implied that he experiences some kind of sadistic pleasure from killing the main cast over and over again.
Examples of this ship are KuroMarry and KuroKanoPedophilicMomo Kisaragi x Hibiya Amamiya
Momo Kisaragi is 16 and Hibiya Amamiya is 12, resulting in a 4 year age gap.
While not outright pedophilic depending on your opinion of age gaps, some consider Kano Shuuya x Shintaro Kisaragi (KanoShin) pedophilic, as Shintaro is 18 and Kano is 16. Shintaro is 18 when he meets Kano, which would make any attraction he feels for Kano pedophilic.


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